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Professional Wrangling Service When Working With Children.


What is Wrangling?

Wrangling is working with children on set alongside the director and story board. A Wrangler gains the confidence of the child/children and directs them in the scene. They all entertain them in the green room and work with them in set to meet the director’s requirements. The wrangler can also be used in the casting process to help select the right child for the right scene to the specifications.

Why is it so important?

Wrangling gains repartee with the child, helps gain confidence in the performance, keeps the child entertained, and works closely to identify and develop the range of performance in rehearsal and directing them in the scenes.

Riea's Wrangling.

Riea has worked as a Wrangler for three years, and now works on a freelance basis. Working with clients such as Orange and Ariel on adverts and numerous TV and Film projects she really has the experience you are looking for.

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