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Here is what our clients say about us...
"For our first adventure into the world of children's birthday parties all we knew was that we wanted the best for our little girls 1st Birthday party. Our only problem.....first child, first birthday, two totally out of their depth parents, solution RIEA!!

Riea you are a genius, I loved how you took my simply concept and transformed it into a magical wondrous theme for all to enjoy. You thrived at the challenge of working with 40 children with an age range of 6 months to 16 years (don't let them know i called them children!!)

Not only did we throw that challenge to Riea but we also asked that adults be entertained as well 'leave it with me' I believe were Riea's words and true to her word the adults (all 110 of them) had fun throughout the day leading into the evening and beyond!!

The attention to detail was second to none, nothing went over looked everything was planned and carried out exactly as was told to us by Riea and her team. Riea was a constant support for us, not only with the organisation of the party but during the party itself, making sure drinks were filled, children were enjoying themselves and the staff at the venue knew exactly what their roles were.

Due to Riea's hands on approach we felt we really could relax and enjoy our daughters big day with all our friends and family whilst leaving the running of the day to Riea and her team. This included the photographer who suggested by Riea took fabulous non intrusive photographs throughout the day.

Now to our final note and for us the most important our daughter Prudence met Riea from the start and instantly Riea built a rapport with her, it was this putting our daughter at ease approach that confirmed our decision to hire Riea. Riea worked magic with the Children who all simply adored her, our guests loved her and we love her.

Prudence had a first birthday that will always be treasured by us and her family.

Thank you Riea for making everything possible."

Power Family - 07/Jan/2011 - Pendley Manor

"Riea Thank you and your team for running a GREAT SHOW. Riea for being our Speaker for the adult's through Dinner. Managing Coordinating the whole evening. Your production of the entertainment was fantastic, your Entertainers for both Adults and Children was a huge hit. Thank you so much President of the UKCDA"
Connie Alexandre Uk and Chinese Dance Ass - 11/Dec/2011 - Russel Hotel Ball Room

"Amazing how you had them in your hand the whole time, you have a real talent and your team are just wonderful. It was the best Party. Cant wait to see what you do next year Thank you again"
Spiro - 25/Sep/2011 - St Johns Wood

"Riea that was the best Party we have Ever had. The street dancers and your team where Just fab, Fantastic!"
Tania Bryer - 18/Sep/2011 - Kensington Hotel

"Wow! thank you its the best party ever as always xx"
Lisa Thcenquiz - 08/Apr/2011

"Riea you are an amazing person, You made the Bat Mitzvah so very special from start to finish. You have brought joy and a great Memory to my Family."
Joseph Family - 12/Mar/2011 - Savile Club Mayfair

"You and your team made the Bar Mitzvah. It would not of been as much fun without your great Entertainment Thanks to you Riea and your great team Thank you Thank you for a brilliant Party."
Laurence Family - 27/Oct/2010 - Saville Club Mayfair

"You Took a bland Church Hall and turned it into a visual colourful fun party room. Riea you are a Mums best secret. You and your staff had every child mesmerised, and every adult captivated."
Chief Editor Junior - 01/Feb/2010

"Amazing it gets better every year Just Brilliant"
Channel Four Television - 07/Dec/2008 - Channel Four

"That was amazing thank you, I enjoyed just as much as the kids!!"
Beckham Family - 16/Jun/2007

"WoW Merci!! Everything was perfect, we can't thank you enough. This Event will feature across Europe in Vogue. Thank's to you and your team!"
Baby Dior - 06/Jun/2006

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